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Swivel Hooks

Product Manufacturer: Crosby
Product Number: S-322CN/S-322AN


Product Manufacturer: Crosby
Product Number: S-322CN/S-322AN



  • Forged – Quenched and Tempered.
  • Swivel hooks are load rated.
  • Proper design, careful forging, and precision controlled quench and tempering gives maximum strength without excessive weight and bulk.
  • Low profile hook tip designed to utilize Crosby S-4320 or PL-N latch kit. Even years after purchase of the original hook, latch assemblies can be added.
  • Hoist hooks incorporate markings forged into the product which address two (2) QUIC-CHECK® features:
    • Deformation Indicators — Two strategically placed marks, one just below the shank or eye and the other on the hook tip, which allows for a QUIC-CHECK® measurement to determine
      if the throat opening has changed, thus indicating abuse or overload.
    • Angle Indicators — Indicates the maximum included angle which is allowed between two (2) sling legs in the hook.
  • These indicators also provide the opportunity to approximate other included angles between two sling legs.
  • Type Approval and certification in accordance with ABS 2006 Steel Vessel Rules 1-1-17.7, and ABS Guide for Certification of Cranes.
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