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Safety is Our Priority

Rigging Safety Seminars

At Superior Lifting Specialists, we believe in the importance of providing Rigging Safety Seminars to our customers. It is imperative as well as required that the end user is trained in the proper selection and inspection of all lifting slings and rigging hardware, ASME B30.9, ASME B30.26, OSHA 1926.20 (b)(4). Please see below for areas and topics covered in our 90 minute session.

OSHA, ASME, & API Standards

Our training includes a comprehensive walk through of all relevant safety regulations mandated by federal and industry standards.

Sling & Rigging Selections

Instruction will include best practices for selecting appropriate slings and rigging based on the weight and size of the materials that needed to be transported.

Proper Hitching Methods

Participants will be instructed in proper use of material hitches to ensure workplace safety and compliance with safety regulations.

Effect of Sling Angles

Our training will help ensure proper sling angle safety measures are observed on the job site at all times, helping to prevent costly and dangerous accidents.

Hardware Inspection

Out training includes a comprehensive section on how to properly inspect slings and rigging hardware for potential safety violations.

Hardware Rejection Criteria

Operational safety is imperative at any job site. That's why our training includes a section on identifying hardware problems before they become dangerous.

Inspection Services

OSHA guidelines require that a “competent” person performs an OSHA compliance survey of lifting slings at least once per year. These inspections must be recorded and maintained for each individual sling.


Training Customization

We can tailor the length and topics covered to meet your company's needs.

Additional Materials

All attendees will receive a complementary Crosby's User Guide for Lifting Panel Card.

Daily Inspections

Superior Lifting Specialists strongly recommends that a daily inspection be performed by a competent person designated by the employer, project foreman or maintenance. This will help ensure that the slings being used are safe and in serviceable condition.

Ensure that your company is maintaining the highest safety standards.